Our Story


We are Zoë’s Chocolate Company, three siblings and a dad – Pantelis, Zoë and Petros Tsoukatos and dad, George. In 2007 we opened a small artisan chocolate shop in Waynesboro, PA. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Here is our story.

We three grew up in the chocolate business. Two generations before us, our great aunt & uncle came to the United States from Greece, with a dream to follow their passion for chocolate. They started a confectionery business selling from a small pushcart in Baltimore, MD. Thus began our family business and the rest, as they say, is history.

Growing up, we loved helping our mom Eleni & our father, George, the master chocolatier for our uncle’s business. It was never a chore. It was always fun. But we never dreamt of a career in chocolate. After finishing our studies, we began our professions in nearby Washington, DC. Part of us always missed what was once commonplace in our lives: The smell of melting chocolate, the creation of bonbons, the rush from holiday excitement, and most of all, making everyone in our town happy. However, after 30 years as a master chocolatier, our dad found himself out of work. We knew what we had to do.

The idea began to grow for a chocolate business of our own, a place for our dad and his kids to come together and to bring modern concepts to our time-honored tradition. Our lifelong passion for chocolate was something we were witnessing everywhere around us. We had a mission to help dad and build a family business of our own. In 2007, we opened Zoe’s Chocolate Co. George was thrilled with the idea of working with his children. The company was called “Zoe” because the name means “giving life.”

Today, our chocolates have received national recognition, are sold in the finest shops and hotels. We are proud to say that our chocolates can be found not only in our own shops and online, but in stores such as Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, Dean and Deluca and many fine independent gourmet shops.

Nothing can compare to the pleasure and pride we get every day from hearing so many compliments from our happy customers. We know we did the only right thing for us. We love what we do and look forward to every day. We know we produce the most delicious chocolate possible in the most incredible flavors.