Mom's Brunch Collection

When you can't be there to have brunch with mom to celebrate her special day, send brunch to her. Inspired by our own mom's favorite brunch our newest pieces include our Magnificent Momosa, white chocolate ganache with vibrant orange and bubbles to top it; Super Waffles - deliciously toasted and caramelized granola carefully ground and folded with a smooth cinnamon chocolate ganache with a dash of maple on the top; Cappuccino, smooth milk dark chocolate ganache with a dash of "frothed milk"; Earl Gray Lavender Tea, a perfectly balanced tea with a subtle hint of lavender. Also included in the assortment are our some of our other delightful favorites: Pinot Noir Fleur de Sel Caramel, Black Raspberry, and Black Daphne.

Now she can have her brunch and eat it too. Who can resist!

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