Lemon Meringue

Toasted coconut praline topped with a layer of whipped meringue and delightfully tart lemon curd.

Super Waffle

Deliciously toasted and caramelized granola carefully ground and folded with a smooth cinnamon chocolate ganache with a dash of maple on the top.

Earl Gray Lavender Tea

Earl gray tea infused ganache with a subtle hint of lavender and coated in rich dark chocolate.


Cheers mom with our bright orange blossom pate de fruit blended with champagne and a layer smooth milk chocolate ganache.

Cookies'n Milk

Smooth white chocolate, a dash of Tahitian vanilla ganache, and crushed rich chocolate cookies.

Pistachio Rose

Beautifully naturally vivid green Mediterranean pistachios ground to a fine paste, blended with a crunchy pistachio brittle and topped with a smooth dark chocolate ganache accented with delicate rose. 

Raspberry Kiss

Fresh, sweet and exceptionally delightful red raspberries pureed with a dash of lemon and blended into a silky milk chocolate and coated with a rich dark chocolate shell. 

Passion Fruit

Delightfully fragrant and full bodied passion fruit blended with a smooth, creamy milk chocolate and coated in a dark chocolate shell. 

Pumpkin Pie

Silky and smooth milk chocolate ganache blended with pumpkin puree, pumpkin spices and a touch of caramel in a dark chocolate shell.


Creamy white chocolate carefully blended caramelized milk, sugar, cinnamon spice with a crispy cinnamon and sugar base.

Gingerbread Cookie

Smooth and creamy milk chocolate blended with crunchy speculoos biscuits with caramelized gingerbread flavors.

Maple Bourbon & Pecan Praline

Two scrumptious layers - Pappy Van Winkle's bourbon aged maple syrup blended with our rich dark chocolate and layered with a crispy pecan praline.