Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Love in a Bar - Dark Chocolate

Bars with a heart from Zoe's award-winning Bar Collection. Charming and seductive cocoa butter ruby red hearts adorn the 60% "Zoe's private blend" dark chocolate bar.  A perfect balance of bitter and sweet for a smooth, dense, delectable '"from your heart" Valentine. 

Price : $7.50

Love in a Bar - White Chocolate

Red and white for your Valentine.  Fresh, light mint pure white chocolate adorned with endearing red hearts and matching red wrapper to charm your Valentine.  Ultra-smooth, clean, refreshing and not too sweet for your sweetie. 

Price : $7.50

Love in a Box

Our special Valentine assortment stars a luscious new romantic black raspberry chocolate. Enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with a white and red heart studded layer, it will steal your Valentine's heart.  This  Valentine Signature assortment also features our Pinot Noir Sea Salt Liquid Caramel, Black Daphne, and Dark Cacao Nib Ganache, a creamy smooth dark chocolate lover's Valentine dream. Irresistible.  

Available 1/15/14.

See Flavors.

Price : $30.00

Love from the Heart

Our Caramel Collection changes shape for Valentine's Day.  Resplendent in a beautiful red jewel box, heart-shaped beautifully decorated chocolates are filled with our luscious Apple Pecan, Pinot Noir Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate liquid caramels, along with our famous chewy Fleur de Sel caramel.  Our special heart-adorned Black Raspberry completes the assortment.  

Available 1/15/14

See Flavors

Price : $30.00

Love in a Bag

A new twist to our authentic English Butter Toffee features dark chocolate and almonds sprinkled with red sugar hearts.  Sweets for the very sweet.  Tags vary.

Price : $14.00

Love in a big box

A beauty to behold and a luxury to receive, our big assortment is a box filled with love.  Your Valentine will lift the lid to discover a sumptuous array of our Valentine specialties.  The resplendent box includes on 9 piece Heart Caramel Collection, both a delightful dark heart bar and a lovely white mint heart bar, a 4 piece Mediterranean inspired chocolate assortment and two deep, dark seductive chocolate lips.  This will warm you Valentine's heart.  

Price : $50.00

Love in a big, big box

This luxuriously indulgent gift box is the epitome of Valentine's Day.  With the language of love sprinkled throughout, this gorgeous gift will make your Valentine swoon.

Tucked inside you will find a 16 piece box of our delectable Mediterranean Inspired Chocolates, a 9 piece box of our luscious Heart Caramel Collection, white and dark chocolate bars adorned with hearts, delicious butter toffee decorated with red sugar hearts, and sealed with a kiss, two deep, dark chocolate luscious lips made with our signature dark chocolate.    


Price : $95.00

Lip-Locked Love

A charming pair of luscious dark, dreamy milk or cool peppermint white chocolate lips for the Valentine couple.  One for each of you or let your Valentine have it all.

Price : $9.00

Love On A Stick

When words can't explain how you feel, give your heart.  Available in milk and dark chocolate.  One heart pop per package.

Price : $4.00

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