The Chocolate Six Pack


Both clever and elegant, The Six Pack is a gift with a special twist.  Packed in a filled to the brim traditional "six pack" carton, your grateful recipient will find a wide variety of award-winning modern day chocolates. 

  • A 9-piece box of Black Daphne & Pinot Noir Infused Sea Salt Caramel
  • Four bars from our Bar Collection: the Pretzel Bar, the Sports Bar, the Espresso Bar, and the Raw Bar
  • A bag of our own chocolate-covered Cocoa Dusted Almonds, and
  • Four chocolate mustaches.

We’re happy to customize The Six Pack to your taste. Contact us for more information.

always local, always fresh ingredients

To produce the very best chocolates and confections, we use only the best natural ingredients. Living among lush farms allows us to source all of our fresh ingredients locally.


While our products are carried by numerous retailers (see our retail partners page), Zoe's Chocolate boutiques, which are located in Frederick, MD and Waynesboro, PA, carry our entire line of products. You may contact a Zoe's team member by calling us directly or by filling out the information form located below and a team member will be back to you shortly.